Beet Orange Salad

A blog named “The Beauty & The Beet” should live up to its name and I feel like I owe it to the beets to share a beet recipe first!

Here is a colorful and beautiful salad with a special tip to help you make it like a pro…and the dressing is so good you could use it on any fresh salad!

Orange Beet Salad


3 Medium Beets

2 Oranges

3-4 Cups of Baby Arugula

½ Cup Chopped Cilantro

For the dressing

2 Tbsp Olive Oil

2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

2 tsp Maple Syrup

½ tsp Dijon Mustard

Juice of ½ Lemon

Juice leftover from Orange supreme

Salt and Pepper to taste

Whisk together well and set aside.


Cook the beets in a pot of boiling water until tender, 30-45 minutes.

Let the beets cool, peel and slice them.

Supreme the oranges and add the wedges to the salad.

Add the baby arugula and cilantro.

Add the dressing and attack!

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Orange Beet Salad

Orange Beet Salad